In 2015, four years into the Syrian Civil War, the autonomous northern region of Rojava saw its first "Rojava Film Days". For a week, films from all around the region and the world, such as Charlie Chaplin’s “The Kid”, were screened in the six main cities of Northern Syria.
From 2016 onwards our cinema travelled throughout Rojava’s villages in order to give a greater access to film to people without resources and in isolated areas. More than 300 films were screened in the context of the program: “ Cinema is in your neighborhood”.

1st Rojava Film Festival 2016

In 2016 the first Rojava Film Festival screened movies from all around the world across several cities in Rojava.
The Festival was a success and opened the path for many artistic events in Rojava.

Workshops and panels

We are sharing our passion for cinema through interactive and popular lessons.
In these two years we have carried out workshops ranging from learning technical skills on equipement, to nurturing an artistic visual sens for both younger audiences and more professional oriented students.
We have also organized panels about cinema in relation with resistance, women, culture, conflict…

Dubbing and subtitling

We support the effort of the Kurdish community to speak their own language by dubbing in Kurmanji feature movies. The Team of the Festival has provided kurmanji subtitles for every film screened in the Festival.

2nd Rojava Film Festival 2017

In 2017 the Festival organized for the first time an international competition with the participation of a group of international and local juries. It also offered workshops and panels ranging from Stop Motion to Scriptwriting.

Komina film a Rojava

With the support of Komina film a Rojava (Rojava’s cinema organisation), we aim to create a growing access to knowledge, skills, and opportunities for the local actors to fulfil their dreams and reach their potential. Througout the year we will continue to build a sustainable base for training, experimenting and networking.

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