In competition

Shorts will be on the spotlight of the Festival. We expect the festival to be a showcase of divers short stories from all around the world.
We invite short animations, short documentaries and short fictions to take part in this celebration.

To honour the resistance that has been led by the people of Kobane, and in order to keep it alive and relevant on the international level, the festival is set around the topic of “Resistance”.
A timeless and borderless topic from which has always arised passion and determination to better our conditions and give a greater purpose to our lives. Ether personal or societal, resistance can be found everywhere, from war zones to everyday life.

We ought to explore this culture of resistance.
To reflect on it.
To instil it.

Out of competition

We are dedicating a special section for the screenings of films from women film makers and/or about subjects related to women, as well as workshops and panels. Taking our inspiration from the leading role that women from all ethnic and religious backgrounds are taking on the front lines and in the society of Rojava, we strive to contribute to women’s empowerment. For women to play a meaningful role in the evolution of their society and be recognised for it, women perspectives around the world need to be promoted, heard and valued.

In January 2018, the Turkish military launched a military operation, code-named Operation Olive Branch on the North western region of Afrin. The offensive was carried against the Kurdish population inhabiting the whole region, and their political project. On 18 March, the Turkish-backed forces entered the city of Afrin.

Film commune of Afrin

From the very beginning of the war until they were forced to flee from the Turkish-backed rebels reaching the center of Afrin, the members of Komina film carried on to document their surroundings and create films. A special dedication to the resistance of Afrin will be made by screening films made by directors from Afrin and through discussions with the directors during the festival.

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